We’re back at it again.  Well, not quite at it again in the sense of taking off for a year and traveling around the world, but at it again as in I've found a country my children are willing to visit without too many complaints.  Much to my chagrin I haven’t persuaded everyone to venture out for another year but I have been successful at convincing everyone we need another short stint in this.. read more
After an extended break in regards to writing we're back at it again! Due to the encouragement of friends and truly for the love of sharing what we're doing, who we're meeting, and what we're learning from this world of ours we decided to take another stab and share our story one more time.  While blogging fell by the wayside for various reasons, we do hope to fill in the details of where we .. read more
Ever find yourself in Chiang Mai, Thailand? Interested in elephants I hear? Ah, ok.  Then go to The Elephant Nature Park not only home to over 40 elephants and their mahouts, it's also home to 400 dogs and over 200 cats. There is an elephant riding park next door but don't go there. ELEPHANT NATURE PARK RULES read more
So, China with kids has been a little more than I bargained for.  This was one country I was really looking forward to.  I needed to see the Terracotta Warriors, hike the Great Wall and float down the Li River.  I wanted to see the family compounds and experience the vastness that is China. What I didn’t bargain for was
  • the food difficulties
  • the HARD bed.. read more