7 Things for Kids to do in Iceland

  1.  Go to Reyjkavik Zoo and Family Park – it has fun rides and games.  My favorite part was jumping on the inflatable pillow.
  2. Go glacier hiking.  You use a pick ax and crampons so you don’t slip on the  ice.
  3. Take a walk between two tectonic plates (North American & Eurasian) at Thinglevirr national park.  The Rift Valley between the two tectonic plates sinks down about two centimeters a year.
  4. Take a tractor out to the cape at Inglsolour to see puffins!  In ten years they are going to disappear because they don’t have enough food in the ocean because the whales and other animals are eating the food they eat.
  5. Go to the Strokkur geyser.  Every 8-12 minutes it erupts.
  6. Go to the hot springs.  They are naturally hot from the geothermal energy under the earth.  The pool is Fludir is the oldest hot pot in Iceland.
  7. Eat Skyer.  It’s yogurt.  Yummy yogurt

6 Comments on “7 Things for Kids to do in Iceland

  1. The glacier hiking sounds really fun. Especially the part about the pickax.
    Glad your having fun.

    • Hi Ben,
      The glacier hiking was really fun. The guide taught me how to break into the glacier with my pickax.

  2. I think I’d like to visit the hot springs in Iceland…that sounds perfect!

  3. Did you guys know that when I went to Africa I drove across the great Rift Valley. I didn’t know it ran through Iceland. Did anyone fall or slip on the glacier?

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