10 Things to Eat in Turkey

If you ever magicaly appear in Turkey here are ten things to eat.

  1. Baklava is a traditional Turkish dish filled with figs.DSC00117
  2. Turkish pizza is different from most and cooked in a special oven.
  3. Dried fruit is all over in Turkey.  There are many stores you can stop and enjoy dried fruit and nuts.DSC00145
  4. Tavuk guvec also know as chicken casserole is a traditional dish that comes with a soft kind of bread.
  5. Chickpea dip or hummus and soft bread is delicious and fills you up fast.
  6. Turkish delight is a natural Turkish candy.  It is also traditional.  You can find in dried fruit stores.DSC00109
  7. Corn on the street is cooked, buttered and salted.DSC09745
  8. Sunflower seeds are yummy and salty.
  9. There’s also a traditional drink called sahlep.  It’s served hot with cinnamon and nutmeg on top.  Careful!  Don’t burn your tongue.DSC00153
  10. It may seem you can get ice cream anywhere.  That’s true.  In Turkey the ice-cream is sticky, goopey and the yummiest I’ve ever had.  They also ring a bell to insist this is the best ever.  True fact!DSC09735

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  1. Hello Kaitlyn & Co.,

    I loved reading your blog post about Turkey and it was such a pleasure for Younes and I to have gotten the chance to meet you and your family there! Just to refresh your memory, we were your neighbors at Bunk Hostel and we shared some delicious Persian snacks together :)

    I hope to meet you guys again sometime soon! I will be traveling to Australia in mid-February so if this somehow corresponds with your dates there, it would be so exciting to meet again. Hope to be in touch!

    Big hug,

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