Hi there! We are a family of four that decided to leave the comforts of home for a year long adventure around the world. We are learners of the world, seekers of new experiences and adventures, lovers of friends and family and interested in discovering our world one day at a time. We are excited to learn as we go and share as we learn.



Professional mother, travel extraordinaire, seeker of peace, adventures and challenges. Lover of children, traveling, books, spending time with friends. Is fascinated by waterfalls, people, and science. Is most looking forward to traveling with very few possessions, living life day by day, having the time to stop and smell the roses, the food stalls, and the unique aromas around the world, and hearing exclamations of delight from my three adventure seekers!



Lover of books, gymnastics, dancing and swim team. Naturally funny and adventurous. Responsible for remembering all details and keeping us on our toes. Is most looking forward to going to Thailand.



Lover of art, reading, writing, dancing and swimming. Quiet and thoughtful, considerate and fun. Responsible for being a copilot and keeping us calm in difficult situations. Is most looking forward to backpacking, roughing it, and seeing how people around the world really live.



Lover of legos, baseball, skateboarding and friends. Serious and smart, brave and entertaining. Is responsible for absorbing information and explaining it to the rest of us. Is most excited to see Tokyo and go to ninja school.

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