Amsterdam Forest or Amsterdamse Bos and the Fun Forest


We are in Amsterdam!  It’s amazing to see so much water and canals that run through the city.  In addition to the many tall, narrow houses, many people have house boats that they live in.  In this huge, busy city there’s one place that has trees, a lake and many fun activities.  It’s Amsterdamse bos – or Amsterdam Forest!  Yesterday we visited this place called Fun Forest in Amsterdamse bos. It was so much fun but tiring as well.  Zip lines and ropes and ladders and even tightropes were everywhere.  You didn’t even go with a guide!  At the beginning an instructor takes you to the “practice area” where you learn to hook on your harness to the ropes & zip lines.  Then you were on your own.  It’s very difficult with one parent and three kids but once we got it down we were clipping in and clipping out like it was our job!  It’s a kid dream land of zip lines and stuff like ropes that you have to tightrope on and ladders and bunging jumping things! That was awesome but a little nerve wracking because it was more that thirty feet off the ground! We were dying at the end of our 5 hours but it was so worth it! This day was awesome!Fun Forest

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  1. Ohhhhhh, we are loving your trip! Keep posting, I’ve never been to Slovenia ;( have tons of fun.

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