A day in our life – Paris, France


A Day in the Life of the Sullivan’s… Special Edition – Paris, France

Our life is a little different from others…bumps along the road and a little bit of turbulence too.

7:30 – We wake up with the sun beating in our face and grab our iPads to do some schooling.


8:00 – We nag ourself to get out of bed and get dressed into (dirty perhaps) sweat clothes. After that we go to the bathroom and brush our hair and teeth. Doing your laundry is a pain right? I mean everyone has to agree with me? But now get this…doing your laundry with your hands is even worse.  We have to do that every morning.


8:30 – We put on our tennis shoes and head downstairs to the lobby where we find ready made breakfast waiting. Croissants, jam, Nutella, fruit, and cereal… it all gets devoured by the hungry starving people – some of them include us.

9:45 – The world awaits us we walk down to the metro station and spend about fifteen minutes looking at the map and making an attempt to end up where we REALLY need to be instead of where we always end up…random metro stops in the middle of a huge city!!!!

10:45 – By this time we often arrive for our days activity.  We usually spend our day doing bike tours, going to a museum or seeing the Eiffel Tower.


1:00 – Since we have been having big breakfasts we eat lunch around 1:30 and 2:00. We find a tiny and cozy cafe and eat sandwiches most likely.


2:00 – We head down the streets of Paris and tour the city stoping at parks to play and places to take pictures.

3:00 – We end up of one of the 2000 crepe places in Paris. And enjoy a Nutella crepe while we walk to find a bench. When we do find one we sit and take out the “Fit Bit” – very handy when traveling full time while you hear your siblings and yourself complain “mommy my feet hurt from walking…”. When we take it out we check the miles – 7.23 miles!

3:30 – We end up at another museum. There is so much to do in Paris and so little time to do it.

5:00 – We head back to our hotel and shower off. Then it’s time for dinner.  We head down the street to catch the metro to the busiest plaza or we walk, just walk down the street to find food. In Paris everywhere is a busy street.


When we find a place, perhaps Hard Rock Cafe (I know, I know, American food, but we miss it!!!) Yah, yah I know that Paris has super duper good food. But our family actually doesn’t agree. We find the food very adultish. So we wait to be seated in a booth. Then we get hamburgers, nachos, BBQ drumsticks, and french fries… oh how I miss french fries. Once again everything gets devoured.


7:30 – We do some more schoolwork. Either blog posting or Khan academy – our math website that we use for math.

8:30 the lights go out and as soon as our heads hit the pillow we fall into a deep sleep dreaming what tomorrow will be like.



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