Elephant Nature Park


Ever find yourself in Chiang Mai, Thailand? Interested in elephants I hear? Ah, ok.  Then go to The Elephant Nature Park not only home to over 40 elephants and their mahouts, it’s also home to 400 dogs and over 200 cats. There is an elephant riding park next door but don’t go there.


1. Don’t go on grounds without a guide.

2. Do not bother the dogs with red tags.

3. Don’t stand behind the elephants.

4. Touch the trunk of the blind elephants while feeding so they know where you are.

5. Stand behind the red line when feeding the elephants.


Jokia DSC03605_2

Jokia is a blind female elephant. She was in the logging industry when she lost her baby and refused to work which lead to one of her eyes being  destroyed by a slingshot. She still refused to work so her mahout stabbed her in the eye again.


Who is your favorite elephant?:


What was your favorite thing to do at the Elephant Nature Park?:

Feed the elephants

What was your least favorite thing at the Elephant Nature Park?:

Sleeping because there were huge spiders so I didn’t go under the covers and was so happy when the electricity went out (which it did 3 times). That made the fans stop. Yay.

What did you learn?:

The most interesting thing I learned was how they break down elephant’s spirits so they are rideable for tourists.

What surprised you the most?:

That so many elephants are blind.

Would you suggest other children volunteer at the Elephant Nature Park?:



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