Farewell Iceland

Bouncing on the moss fields near Thingvellir.

I loved every bit of Iceland! The different shades of green, the mountains, and the waterfalls are all spectacular.  I’m so excited that I’m going to Amsterdam but sad that I’m leaving Iceland. My favorite part was probably the glacier walk and the glacier boat ride though the lagoon. The people are very friendly and nice and help out when people need help. Their towns are very small and beautiful. Many people there speak Icelandic and English so it wasn’t very hard getting around by asking people where to go. Although we lost some car keys about a million times (we found the keys) we got around by a rental car and we drove all over Iceland. The memories that I have made here will never go away! It was absolutely an awesome trip thanks to my mom and we have WAY more to come.

5 Comments on “Farewell Iceland

  1. Ha, losing keys…so life is different…but not THAT different! 😉 Glad you’re having such an amazing time!!

  2. LOVE your blog, Kristen!!! I’ll be following along and living vicariously through your travels. Happy Belated Birthday to the girls!!

    • Thanks for the belated birthday wishes for the girls! It ended up being a fantastic day! Missed saying goodbye before we left …I think you guys were off on your own adventures?! I feel like you’re right with us on our journeys as my children often bring up some of our antics together (every time we pull out the ponchos or do something adventurous…). They’re always telling people we meet about “adventures with Mrs Morrison”. Cracks me up (especially since they weren’t there for any of them) :)

  3. Remember me? I’m the guy you met at the Denver Red Carpet room who marveled at all the back packs. And the 3 brave ladies plus one guy. Sounds like Iceland was a blast! Now on to Holland. I know that country well so don’t forget to see the famous windmills that pump all the water back to the sea to allow farmers to use the land reclaimed from the sea. The Dutch are very ambitious.

    I am enjoying your blog.

    • So good to hear from you…and yes, we do remember. You are our first round the world fan!! Thanks for supporting us. Your kindness and enthusiasm thrilled the kids and made me realize partially why I wanted to do this with the kids….so they could see the kindness of others around the world! They are loving meeting others on this journey so thanks for kicking us off!!

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