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There’s much talk about traveling “around the world.”  We aren’t technically going “around the world”.  Well, I guess since we are starting in the United States and 13 months later returning to the same location, perhaps that qualifies?  Hmmm, not so sure.  In my mind, “around the world” means you are stopping off in each continent, literally stepping foot in each land.

Regardless of one’s definition, we are in fact starting in the United States and circumnavigating the globe eastwardly but no, we aren’t stopping on each continent.  The world is just so vast with so much to see that we’ve really had to pare down the list.  To the frustration of some family members and the amazement of some friends, we have a very loose itinerary.  Here’s our general plan with our general timeframe.  We’ll see, in the end, how much we stick with it.


June 25-July 2 – Iceland (this is nailed down)

July 2 – Amsterdam

July 2-10 Berlin/Paris  Netherlands

July 12 – Amsterdam (home exchange)

August 2 July 29- Aug 9 – Berlin

August 10 – 19 Berlin or Paris (whichever we haven’t visited previously)

Mid August 19-end September(ish) – make our way to Croatia – Venice to Slovenia to Croatia to Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, and finally Albania

end Sept-October – Rajasthan, India; Bhutan & hopefully Sri Lanka Turkey (Cappadocia, Izmir, Pammukale, Dalyan, Cirali, Istanbul

November & December – New Zealand via Kuala Lumpur/Bangkok & possibly Sydney  Chiang Mai, Thailand to Bangkok to Burma/Myanmar

end December – Sydney, Australia

January –  mid February – New Zealand

Mid February – March – Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos

March-mid April – Vietnam

Mid-April –mid June 6 – China

Mid -June June 6 -July 6 – Japan

July 6 –Aug ??? – USA

Ironically enough, on our around the world journey that begins in just a few days, we have no solid plans post August 2 and no transportation plans after our arrival in mainland Europe on July 2.  A little crazy?   Yes.  A little concerning?  A bit.  Liberating?  Amazingly.  Nerve-wracking?  Also true.  Why? one asks.  I think really it comes down to why not?  We spend our lives racing from school to sporting events to doctor appointments and the like.  I’m ready to stop racing.  To sit back and live day by day.  I’m ready to enjoy my children and actually watch them enjoy what they are doing and learning.

In one short month we’ll find out if we can handle this type of spontaneity.  For now it is what it is.  We’ll keep you posted if things change.  In the meantime, do you have any desire to join us along the way?  If so, drop us a line.  We may just be able to work it all out.

Update: As of late March, 2015 the above itinerary is updated.  Sadly we won’t be making it to India, Sri Lanka and Bhutan.  In addition to a few days with new friends which led us to a brief stay in Albania, we discovered Turkey and couldn’t quite leave.  That coupled with a desire to slow down and have even more time to enjoy what we are doing and learn about these amazing places has required we alter plans.  We’ll keep you posted of what is guaranteed to be more changes in the next few months.  In the meantime, we’re always open to meeting up with you.  If you think you’ll be anywhere close to where we’ll be drop us a line…we’d love to share this journey with you.  Additionally, if you have suggestions on things to see or places to stay let us know.  

Update: As of June 10, 2015 the above itinerary has been updated.  Unfortunately we gave Laos a pass this go around.  We’ll have to catch it in the near future.  As we mostly fly on frequent flyer miles I didn’t jump quick enough and lost out on using miles to get us back to the US.  So, as we were stuck paying to fly budget prevailed…and we took a side trip to Japan.  While on the bucket list we had crossed it off the list as we had heard it wasn’t too budget friendly.  So, with fingers crossed we decided to venture unexpectedly to this beautiful country and boy, are we glad we did.  With less than one month to go we have tons of exploring still left to do.  We’ll keep you posted and hopefully, before too long, will have more to add to our itinerary…around the world!

5 Comments on “ITINERARY

  1. Hi Kristen and Sullivans…

    We just sent you 3 photos, hope you got them. If not, let us know.

    Wish we were still in Turkey, we have great memories!

    Kathy and Mark (from Ihlara Valley and rock cathedral–can’t remember the name just now!)

    • Thanks Kathy & Mark. The photos are great…as are the memories. We hope you enjoyed the coast as much as we did-I’m guessing your weather was better than ours however! Glad you guys happened upon Selime Monastery at the last minute…it was one of our favorite sites in Turkey!

  2. Don’t eat oysters in Paris on the night before you are going to the airport at 5:30am to catch a 12 hr. flight.

  3. YEAHHHHH!!! You go girl–so excited for you all! But damm….I want to go :) But rule of thum–don’t eat the tuna fish in Bolivia :) Keep us posted.
    love and hugs
    Nancy and family

    • Want to meet us somewhere?! We were just talking about you today!!! The kids were appalled you didn’t know of our journeys- one of the reasons I finally posted something on FB. Also I was just working on an Iceland post – and was mentioning you!! Stay tuned! And don’t worry – I won’t EVER eat tuna in a foreign country again (even from a can). Tuna got you horribly in Bolivia but got me just as bad in Costa Rica! Miss you guys!

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