Let the one month countdown begin!

Yesterday a friend so kindly reminded me that today, May 25, marks our one month countdown.  Our countdown to our around the world travels.  Our countdown to 13 months of adventures, trials and tribulations in our life on the road.  Our countdown to the beginning of homeschooling, or what we now speak of as world schooling or mommy schooling.  Our countdown to what promises to be an adventure and what will become our new normal – at least for a year. I work best under a deadline – procrastination can only continue for so long – so I guess it’s all good, but how I’m going to complete everything I need to remains a mystery.  My mother thinks there’s no way we can do it all.  From past experience I know that what we accomplish will get done and the rest, well, perhaps it isn’t so important anyway. I do know our list is long … unpack garage, unpack the office, move office junk to storage room, and Christmas stuff from guest room closet,  install tile in two rooms & lights in five, finish home repairs that just can’t wait, get travel insurance, get an atm card that will allow us to get money without charging transaction fees, prepare manuals for home exchange families and manuals for house sitter, get car cleaned, house cleaned, garage cleaned…exhausted yet?  Phew!  Like I said, I guess we’ll check the most important things off the list.  As for the others, well, c’est la vie!

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    • Hi Amelia. Thanks for asking. We are beginning our trip in Iceland. They call it the “land of fire and ice.” We’ll keep you posted on what we learn. In the meantime, if you have any questions about Iceland or our trip, ask away and we’ll see if we can get you an answer.

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