Never Expected

I didn’t really believe we were going to travel for almost a year. Everything just started falling in the right places.  Yesterday marked our one month countdown.  We started this forever ago.  We are so close to getting our passports stamped and stepping in that plane to head off to Iceland.  I don’t usually get excited until the day comes but this is too exciting to wait.  Traveling is what I love to do and now I get to do so much of it in one year.  Most people go on vacation and stay in a hotel, get a massage and swim all day long.  But my family and I want to experience the different cultures and life styles.  I’m excited to fit in with their daily routine.  I can picture everything day by day happening. Everyone  is smiling and laughing and having the best time in the world!

3 Comments on “Never Expected

  1. Hi!
    You can go to our Bukovel if you like skis. It is in Ukraine. I know: “news, war, blah-blah..”, but Bukovel is in the western Ukraine, in Carpathian mountains. It’s peaceful place for great vacation :). I was there for three times and want to go more. Good luck in your travel!

    • Thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately we will be well past the Ukraine by the time there is enough snow for skiing. We’ll keep in on our list for future travels!

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