On the Road Again…


After an extended break in regards to writing we’re back at it again! Due to the encouragement of friends and truly for the love of sharing what we’re doing, who we’re meeting, and what we’re learning from this world of ours we decided to take another stab and share our story one more time.  While blogging fell by the wayside for various reasons, we do hope to fill in the details of where we left off all while keeping up with future endeavors, whatever and wherever they may be.

We haven’t yet embarked on another year long journey but true to form, I have managed to sneak in a few trips here and there – just barely enough to satisfy my soul and still enough to have my children continue to feel I’m just slightly crazy. While the kids are perfectly happy settled in our bubble here in the US, I still feel the continual nagging to explore all of what’s out there, to learn from our largest resource and continue being citizens of the world.

So, without further adieu…

Next up…San Jose del Cabo, Mexico – strictly for family fun, Colorado for adventure, beauty, exercise and fresh mountain air and then on to Costa Rica where we will seek language and cultural immersion and reconnecting with friends and my Tico family from my year living in this amazing country 20 years ago!

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