Two days in and we’re sold on Vietnam.  I know very little of this country.  Embarrassingly, little actually. Less than a month ago my knowledge of this gorgeous land and it’s people was limited to the lovely woman who gives me pedicures and an uncle who fought in (but never speaks of) the Vietnam War.  Terrible, but true. As we’ve been on the road for so long we’ve had countless con.. read more
Asia!  We couldn’t have chosen a more dramatic contrast to pick back up with our backpacking lifestyle.  Dragging our backpacks from the depths of our camper after 5 weeks and trekking through the airport I heard exclamations of “It’s so exciting to travel again” and “I can’t wait to get back to Asia.”  Going through my mind…”I’m so proud of these kids.”  Their tenacity .. read more
It’s been a significant amount of time since any of us have written.  I’m not sure if we went on a mental break, are too busy racing from place to place or, most likely, have spent the past month and a half catching up with family and friends that we just kind of got out of our groove.  We’ll go back eventually and give updates as we’ve seen some truly amazing things, but for now, this p.. read more
If you ever magicaly appear in Turkey here are ten things to eat.
  1. Baklava is a traditional Turkish dish filled with figs.DSC00117
  2. Turkish pizza is .. read more