Rajasthan, India

Initially India was only our jumping off place.  In the back of my mind I’m planning to strong-arm a good friend from India take us back to her home when our children are all a little older – there’s nothing like learning from locals and I wasn’t so sure about tackling India on my own!  Like many initial plans however, this one has also changed.  We were originally just stopping through Agra via New Dehli en route to Bhutan.  Liam had heard about the Taj Mahal in his second grade class and there’s nothing I like more than kids being able to experience something they’re curious about so, as with many routes on this trip it really came down to “why not?”  After all, to get to Bhutan we had to travel via Dehli, Katmandu or Bangkok.  As Bangkok is way overshooting our destination and we weren’t going to join the trekking scene and altitude extremes of Katmandu, New Dehli became the new stopover.

Based on advice from friends that have spent the past few years living and traveling in India with their own three children, we decided to try and spend a little more time exploring this fascinating land.  Rumor has is Rajasthan in the place to go.  There’s nothing I like more than word of mouth recommendations so in this case we feel compelled.  As with most locations, the more research we do, the more we want to see and the more I want us to experience.

As it stands right now, what started out as 3 days in Agra has been extended to 3 weeks in Rajastham, Agra, Dehli and surrounds.  We’ll see how timelines match up in reality.  but for now, we’re open to suggestions, whether it be guesthouses, or locations, restaurants or drivers – and keep reading – somehow I think adventures abound!


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  1. I miss you guys so much even if it has only been two days how are you I miss all the play dates and craziness it was the best thing I have ever lived with

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