Take my word for it.  Go to Slovenia!  Really.  There’s a high likelihood, if you are from the United States you’ve never heard of this pint sized treasure.  Realistically, many of you will never venture to this unbelievable land but I’m telling you people, you’re missing out.  Those of you from Europe are close and may have never considered it a vacation destination.  You heard it here first…it is! Slovenia is a small, gorgeous country that shares borders with Italy, Croatia, Austria & Hungary.  It’s a country that…


Here are ten things for kids to do in Slovenia. Ljubljana 1.  Climb to the top of the hill and go to Ljubliana Castle.  You can climb the hill or take a gondola.  At the gondola stop you can get a tour that tells you about the castle. 2.  Go to Back Werk and The Wok.  Back Werk is a cheap cafe that is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  The Wok – if you’re lucky enough you might be taught how to open chopsticks like the professionals. 3….