Ten Things for Kids to do in Slovenia


Here are ten things for kids to do in Slovenia.


1.  Climb to the top of the hill and go to Ljubliana Castle.  You can climb the hill or take a gondola.  At the gondola stop you can get a tour that tells you about the castle.DSC05089

2.  Go to Back Werk and The Wok.  Back Werk is a cheap cafe that is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  The Wok – if you’re lucky enough you might be taught how to open chopsticks like the professionals.IMG_2302

3.  If you are lucky you might find a person selling corn on the side of the street.  It tastes like popcorn!




4.  Row out to the middle of the lake and see the church – but you can skip climbing to the top … It’s not that interesting.DSC05174

5.  Go to Vintgar Gorge.  It’s a place where you can see waterfalls and dams at the end.  If you fall in it is super dangerous because the water is super fast moving.DSC05191

6.  Take a swim in the lake but people who don’t like cold can skip it because it’s really cold – but for kids it will probably not seem that cold.DSC05168

Things on our list that we missed and will save for next time

Mountain biking

Lake Bohinj

Taboganning down the hill


Most na Sochi 


7.  Go kayaking in the lake.  Going kayaking is fun because you can see the mountains and the little waterfalls.  There is a bridge that you go under in the beginning but be careful that nobody jumps on you because there are people jumping off the bridge.DSC00072

8.  Go to the school because it has a museum in it and there is a house in the museum and they built the school around it.  If you are lucky someone might let you into the biology room.  You will learn all about local animals.

9.  Hike at Tolmin Gorge.  The waterfalls, river and trails were awesome.


10.  Find a place in Slovenia where you can just relax…for us this was Tolminski Lom in Most Na Sochi.


Things on our list that we missed and will save for next time

1.  Mercury Mines

2.  Canyoning

3.  White water rafting

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